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At Berlin Relaxed we offer a wide range of massages and treatments. From Classic massages as well as Thai or Relax massages and comforting treatments.  Your personal wishes and needs can always be arranged with your therapist…

Therapies and physiotherapy can be billed for private health insurances.

Alternatively you can purchase a
voucher and gift it to someone special!




Sports massage

from 30,- €

Perfect massage for sportsman and athletes.

Relax massage

from 30,- €

Relaxing for body and soul. Relieves tension.

Couple massage

150,- €

Relax and enjoy - preferably in pairs! At Berlin Relaxed you and your partner receive a couple massage (Sport & Relax) of 90 minutes each.

Thai massage

from 65,- €

Traditional Thai massage.

Aromatic oil massage

from 65,- €

Sensory massage with soothing aromatic oils. Refreshing for body and soul.

Californian massage

from 65,- €

Whole-body massage with the goal to restore the harmonic unity of the body.

Salt-honey-peeling massage

from 65,- €

Honey helps the skin keeping its moisture. The salt helps regenerating the skin.

Hot stone massage

from 70,- €

Massage with warm oil and stones. Helps relieving tension and cramps. Refreshing for muscles and helps boosting the immune system.

Deep tissue massage

from 65,- €

A deep tissue massage is perfect for deeply rooted pains and tensions.

Foot reflexology

from 50,- €

Pleasant and relaxing massage for your foot. Stimulates the blood circulation and activates the regenerative powers of your body.

Anti-Cellulite treatment with Honey

from 65,- €

Cellulite primarily arises from an excess of acids in the tissue. Too little exercise, improper nutrition, low drinking volume, high consumption of stimulants and stress are the causes of acid formation.

Zen Shiatsu

from 70,- €

Shiatsu is a Far Eastern pressure point massage that harmonizes body, mind and soul. The therapy balances the energy balance.

Osteopathic treatment

from 65,- €

Purpose of a osteopathic massage is to restore the mobility of the body.

Joint Release & Trigger point treatment

from 65,- €

Treatment working with your joints and trigger points.


from 70,- €

Even physiotherapy is possible at Berlin Relaxed!


plus 5,- €

Fango Treatment possible for massages at Berlin Relaxed!

Upon request!

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